In 2020, a customer survey was conducted among Kompressorteknik’s customers. It showed that customers asked for better transparency and feedback of the process to remanufacture and repair compressors. Kompressorteknik therefore chose to digitize its work process.

In 2021, Kompressorteknik began to streamline the handling, assessment, and documentation of compressors at work at Kompressorteknik. By making status and information available with digital technical reports, Kompressorteknik hopes that the remanufacturing process will be clearer and safer for its customers.

The new method results in a digital report that follows the compressor throughout its period at Kompressorteknik. With the help of the reporting system, digital reconciliations are sent to the customer, so that the customer can easily follow their compressor and be able to keep their end-customer well informed, make choices, approve revised costs and deliveries.

The reports will give the customer greater insight into the work process, streamline, and facilitate compressor handling for both employees and customers.

– “We have chosen to open up the process to our customers so that they can follow the compressor during the remanufacturing. By Kompressorteknik introducing several reconciliation points during the remanufacturing process that is communicated to our customers, the risk of misconceptions is reduced. In the report, customers receive status in the form of photos and texts as well as current action plans. Here you also get clear information about possible. revised delivery date and price depending on and what needs to be fixed “, says Peter Wassberg, and continues:

– “The system will streamline and make it easier for our customers but also for our employees who work with the compressors. For the customer, compressor failure can be devastating. For us, it is important that the communication works so that the customer feels safe leaving the compressor with us”.

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Peter Wassberg