Remanufactured compressors
are energy optimization


We are industry refrigeration compressor specialists, and we know how to best service, remanufacture, and repair them.
We have deep knowledge of many brands and solid experience of complicated damages.

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With our own staff on board the ships, we work with preventive maintenance and perform function checks, and performance checks. We disassemble and install compressors, remanufactured or new and carry out start-up.

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Spare Parts

In our spare parts warehouse, we have over 25,000 items that are ready for delivery to you. We only worked with original parts, parts of original quality from well-known manufacturers (OEM) or our own manufactured parts.

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We deliver immediately!

We have a large stock of exchange compressors

Do you quickly need a new compressor in place?

We offer exchange compressors. We have remanufactured, serviced, and made these compressors as new and are now ready to be delivered to the customer, immediately. If you need a compressor, we can quickly replace your damaged compressor, while we take care of your broken compressor. The customer receives a compressor in new condition and Kompressorteknik repairs and remanufacture the damaged one, so that the compressor can then continue to work for many more years, back with its owner or with a new one!

This process is good for both customers’ operations and the environment!

Our Replacement Compressors
4 reasons to remanufacture on time

Therefore, you should remanufacture your compressor

  • The EnviromentUsing a worn compressor leads to higher energy consumption. Producing a new compressor or components leads to significant environmental impact and higher energy consumption than remanufacturing.

  • Technology The manufacturer has designed the compressor to handle a certain operating time. Most declare renovation at 40,000 hours, which is an operation of about 6-10 years depending on operating conditions

  • Economy The end customer minimizes energy consumption over time with a healthy compressor. Just a few percent in degraded efficiency costs more than service and the cost of remanufacturing the compressor. Remanufacturing according to plan minimizes the risk of expensive repairs and longer downtime.

  • RiskTaking a risk and having an accident can be a hugely expensive experience. Loss of production for a short time can correspond to several years of operating costs.

Experts in compressors at sea & land

Kompressorteknik Marine

We are specialists in HVAC services and optimization at sea on ships. Compressor program is part of our services.
We carry out assignments in the USA, the Mediterranean and in the Baltic Sea as well as other parts of the world, which means that the whole world has become our field of work.

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Här kan du läsa om det senaste från kompressorteknik, nyheter, kundreferens, rekryteringar och pressreleaser!

We are a Service Partner for Frascold in the Nordic region

Frascold strengthens its presence in northern Europe and announces the important partnership with Kompressorteknik, a service center with long experience and high quality service, also for compressor auditing in its workshop in Norrköping, Sweden.

Special spare parts in industrial refrigeration

We are happy to help you with special spare parts in industrial refrigeration. If you have a base, we can manufacture most things in our workshop, if you do not have a base, we will create it according to your wishes. Ask us it pays off!

Digitized work process will give customers a better experience!

In 2020, a customer survey was conducted among Kompressorteknik's customers. It showed that customers asked for better transparency and feedback of the process to remanufacture and repair compressors. Kompressorteknik therefore chose to digitize its work process.

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