Spare parts for your refrigeration compressor

We have 30 000 spare parts in our inventory!

If you need spare parts, we can most likely assist you. We have a wide range of spare parts for both screw and piston refrigeration compressors, covering both the latest and older models from several brands, ready to be shipped to you. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we can manufacture the parts in our workshop. With extensive experience in working with refrigeration compressors, we can help you find the right parts for your specific refrigeration compressor. Send us a request, and we will assist you further!

We always deliver better than new

Spare parts for refrigeration compressors from large brands

In our spare parts inventory, we have over 30,000 items ready for delivery to you. We only work with original parts or parts manufactured by us. Typically, we have service kits for most refrigeration compressors from STAL, SAB, Bitzer, Frascold, Dorin, Grasso, and more.

In our well-stocked warehouse, you will find products such as shaft seals, oil filter kits, suction filter kits, oil pumps, gasket kits, and bearing kits, among others.

Special spare parts in refrigeration

We create the parts that can’t be found elsewhere

If the spare part your refrigeration compressor needs is not available on the market, we are happy to manufacture it for you in our workshop. Our employees have in-depth knowledge that ensures you receive spare parts of original quality for your refrigeration compressor. In our workshop, we can assist you with, among other things:

  • Forming processing

  • Cutting processing

  • Turning

  • Milling

Spare parts in stock

A smart choice for the refrigeration compressor and the environment

At Kompressorteknik, we have a well-developed environmental mindset, and our spare parts inventory is an essential part of our sustainability efforts. By offering our customers easy access to high-quality spare parts, we can prevent compressors from being deemed irreparable and disposed of.

Our focus is on giving refrigeration compressors a new technical life and promoting reuse. We do this by providing you, as a customer, with the best possible conditions to extend the lifespan of your refrigeration compressor. Do a favor to the environment by remanufacture your refrigeration compressor.

We have spare parts for refrigeration compressors of the following brands

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