Exchange system for shorter downtime

We usually solve remanufacturing and repairs in a very short time, but sometimes our customers cannot be without refrigeration or AC. We have exchange compressors available in stock and support customers in such situations. With express delivery it is possible to minimize downtime.

When a refrigeration unit has a breakdown or something unforeseen has happened, time is short and the effect of a compressor out of duty can be safety-critical, process-affecting or even vital.

We have a stock of remanufactured compressors that will function like a new one.

Exchange Systems

We normally have these compressors available. To know the exact status contact us!

STAL Screw Compressors
STAL Reciprocating Compressors

STAL Screw compressors

Serie S50 Stal
  • S51E-26F

  • S51E-26M

  • S51E-34F

  • S51E-34M

  • S51E-42F

  • S51E-42M

Serie R5/F19
  • R5 Mkl-25

  • R5 Mkll-K

  • R5 Mkll-M

  • F19 B

  • F19 C

Serie S20Stal
  • S24C-25

  • S24D

  • S26A-25

  • S26A-40

  • S26B

Serie S50 Stal
  • S57E-26F

  • S57E-26M

  • S57E-34F

  • S57E-34M

  • S57E-42F

  • S57E-42M
Serie S70 Stal
  • S71E-26A
  • S71E-26G

  • S71E-34A

  • S71E-34G

  • S71E-42A

  • S71E-42G

Serie S80 Stal
  • S81A-HP-E-V

  • S87A-HP-E-V

  • S87A-HP-26

  • S89A-HP-E-V

  • S89A-HP-26

STAL Reciprocating compressors

Serie P
  • P22 STAL P22 kolv

  • P24C STAL P24 kolv

  • P2K STAL P2 kolv

  • P4K STAL P4 kolv

  • P6K STAL P6 kolv

Serie U
  • U4 STAL U4 kolv


Screw compressors
  • OSKA74 Bitser OSKA 7472-K
Reciprocating compressors
  • 2N.2Y-S 230 Bitser öppen kolv 2N.2Y-S 230

DORIN Reciprocating compressors

  • CD400H Dorin semihermetisk kolv CD4000H

  • CD1500M Dorin semihermetisk kolv CD1500M

SABROE Screw Compressors

  • SAB128 HF Sabro 128 Mk3 Femala drive

  • SAB202LM Sabro 202 Lång Mala drive

FRICK Screw Compressors

  • XJF120 Frick XJF 120

  • XJF151 Frick XJF 151

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