Exchange system

Effective solutions in critical situations

In most cases, we solve repairs and refurbishments in a very short time. However, sometimes downtime can be critical for businesses, and many of our customers cannot operate without cooling or heating. We solve this by offering replacement refrigeration compressors and keeping them available in stock. We provide same-day or within a few days delivery, allowing for a quick replacement of the damaged machine. Our exchange system is a significant part of our environmental efforts, where we use our technical expertise to contribute to sustainable reuse.

When a refrigeration unit has a breakdown or something unforeseen has happened, time is short and the effect of a refrigeration compressor out of duty can be safety-critical, process-affecting or even vital. We have a stock of remanufactured compressors that will function like a new one.

A fully developed exchange system

In our exchange system, you will find a wide range of both screw and piston refrigeration compressors from various models and brands. The breadth of our inventory allows us to offer you, as a customer, a flexible solution tailored to the specific needs of your business. Some of the brands we have in our stock include Frascold, Bitzer, STAL, Dorin, and Sabroe.

Deposit your compressor!

Get paid for unusable and failed compressors.

At Kompressorteknik, we accept old refrigeration compressors that are no longer usable. These refrigeration compressors are then used to create a completely new, functional refrigeration compressor for our exchange inventory. By utilizing our deposit system, you are not only benefiting the environment but also receiving compensation for your refrigeration compressor.

You are warmly welcome to contact us if you would like to deposit your refrigeration compressor.

A service to the climate

Effective and sustainable reuse of refrigeration compressors

By converting broken screw and piston refrigeration compressors into new compressors, we reduce the need for new production, thereby minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, replacement compressors help prevent extended production downtime by providing you, as a customer, with quick access to a functioning refrigeration compressor. In other words, our replacement refrigeration compressors offer a sustainable and efficient solution for your industrial needs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our exchange system, you are warmly welcome to reach out to our Technical Manager, Torbjörn, or contact us using the form below!

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