Remanufacturing is energy saving

A compressor that we have remanufactured increases its capacity and efficiency. Replacing the compressor or the entire plant is a waste of not only the environment but also resources and money. It is simply a good deal to remanufacture with us. We measure all important components and repair / replace all worn parts. In addition, we propose preventive measures or upgrades if necessary. The compressor will be as good as a new one at a favorable price.

As specialists in compressors, we know how important quality is. Therefore, we are extremely careful that the compressor always has the right conditions to function in its unit. We also perform mechanical processing of the compressor’s various components. We have created a process so that you as customers will feel safe leaving the compressor with us. During the compressor’s stay with us, we communicate the schedule, eventual additional measures, and quote, with you.
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We make the compressor live longer

This is included in a standard remanufacturing

If you have the compressor factory remanufactured with us, you get much more than a normal service. We measure all important components and repair or replace worn parts. In addition, we propose preventive measures or upgrades if necessary. The compressor will be as good as new at a favorable price.

  • Diagnosis

  • Damage report

  • Quotation with proposed measures
  • Processing of damaged parts

  • Replacement of worn parts

  • Final test

  • Painting in original or desired color

  • Machining

  • New spare parts

  • Assembly & testing

Follow the compressor

Technical report

VWe have a quality-assured process that starts upon receipt of the compressor and ends when it leaves our workshop. Throughout the process, all work is documented digitally in both text and pictures.
During remanufacturing, a technical report showing a status of the compressor is sent. The report shows the condition of the compressor parts and what measures are required.
The report is easy to interpret, and the status of the compressor is clearly shown by traffic light colors and additional explanatory text.
In the report, the compressor owner receives recommendation of corrective measures and cost. The owner can then decide about what measures to be taken.

There is a difference between a regular service and remanufacturing

We not only discover, we also fix

We take a deeper look at the improvements that can be done to optimize operations. We can increase the efficiency of the compressor by up to

We make the compressor deliver better

Get more out of the compressor

  • By having the right tolerances in all parts and work, we ensure future operation of the plant
  • We only use original parts or parts we manufacture ourselves in our remanufacturing to ensure efficiency
  • For us, increasing efficiency is a question of precision and quality
4 reasons to remanufacture on time

Therefore, you should remanufacture your compressor

  • The environment – A performance loss with a worn compressor or an exchange for a new compressor leads to unnecessary environmental impact. It is always better for the environment and the economy to remanufacture.
  • Technology – The manufacturer has designed the compressor to handle a certain operating time. Most declare remanufacturing at 40,000 hours, which is an operation of about 6-10 years depending on operating conditions.

  • Economy – The end customer minimizes energy consumption over time with a healthy compressor. Just a few percent in degraded efficiency costs more than service and the cost of remanufacturing the compressor. Remanufacturing according to plan minimizes the risk of expensive repairs and longer downtime.
  • Risk – Taking a risk and having a breakdown can be a hugely expensive experience. Loss of production for a short time can correspond to several years of operating costs.

A renovated compressor is energy optimization with 3-8%.
An example:

Compressor after approx. 40,000 operating hours:
8760 hours per year

Shaft power 200KW

Total energy cost 1.4 Msek / year
The effect of renovation.
The energy savings are up to SEK 110,000 / year
Take care of your compressor!

7 ways to keep track of the compressor!

  • Oil analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Refrigerant analysis
  • Power consumption
  • Parameter analysis
  • Alignment
  • Brine analysis

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